Our Technology

Designed to make the complex simple

Corner Bubbles

A custom-built platform
Implementation in days, not months

We sell highly complex services to the world’s most demanding clients in a highly regulated industry, so our platform is designed to make the complex simple. Our custom-built, cloud native platform offers hundreds of custom configurations and integrates deeply within client procurement, compliance and finance systems. This unique platform architecture allows for implementation in days, not months, as marketplace configurations and integrations happen behind the scenes and create a seamless and rapid purchase experience for the research customer.

Our position at the nexus between researchers and a global network of laboratory suppliers also gives Scientist.com unique access to proprietary data. This data set combined with the expertise of our staff of experienced scientists and drug-hunters have enabled the training of multiple machine learning algorithms to improve supplier selection and to develop new apps like our Disease Model Finder™.

We sell the world’s most complicated services

to the planet’s most demanding customers

Dynamic form technology

Collect all the technical information you need

Configuration rules engine

Customize workflows to meet your specific needs

Powerful supplier network

Find and communicate with thousands of suppliers

Cloud native drug discovery

Our software is tailor-made to fit your organization’s needs


Scientist.com maintains SOC2 certification1 and is audited annually by an independent auditor to ensure compliance


Fully GDPR compliant and hosted in the EU. We’re here to help you do research, not collect your personal information


Our state-of-the-art platform is georedundant and fault tolerant, ensuring you can always access the research you need

1 SOC2 report available upon request.