We offer a variety of services to connect and empower researchers

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Biotech Investor Tools
Make informed investments

BioPharm Catalyst provides investors within the biotech and pharmaceutical space a suite of tools including an FDA calendar, PDUFA calendar, earnings calendar, latest IPO information and daily and weekly updates.

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Compliance Solutions
Minimize regulatory risk

COMPLi® is an award-winning compliance solution that improves the sourcing of regulated scientific services from external third-parties. COMPLi® is a comprehensive and proprietary due diligence process conducted on all providers of services and materials. COMPLi® also reduces the administrative burden on providers of regulated services, enabling customer relationships that reduce costs and speed up scientific research.

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Contract Research Map
Find the right partner in the right place

We believe that every researcher across the world should be able to connect with the thousands of contract research organizations (CROs) that exist globally. Updated nightly and organized geographically, the Contract Research Map features all of the available CROs within our network, so you can order services with a few clicks. From Argentina to New Zealand, use this map to connect with a CRO near you.

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Disease Model Finder™
Sift through big data

Our proprietary selection platform uses multiple machine learning algorithms to find the most appropriate models for your drug discovery projects. We pre-establish supplier legal and finance agreements so you can purchase xenografts, organoids, cell lines and other disease models without delay through the marketplace.

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Lab Auditing
Standardized inspections

VERIF.i® is a supplier pre-assessment program offering physical lab inspections that evaluate the facilities, personnel and processes supporting the sourcing of regulated services. Through on-site pre-assessments, VERIF.i® saves you time, money and resources by allowing clients to proactively evaluate your organization, reducing risk and demonstrating capabilities that differentiate you within the market.

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Marketing Services
Differentiate your company

Content creation, raising brand awareness and differentiating your company from peers has never been more important. Marketing Services offer research organizations the opportunity to do all of this and more through professionally hosted webinars, virtual events, science writing, ad placement, podcasts and more.

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Supplier Early Payments
Get paid faster

SciPay™ enables service providers to be paid quickly for completed services. With increased working capital, suppliers can focus on developing new innovations and expanding their product lines. With real-time billing capabilities, suppliers can track when and how much they will be paid, improving cash flow predictability and forecasting.

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Software Services
Optimize your company's digital platforms

Software Services by provides web and application development services. Our team of experts can optimize your existing platforms or create entirely new ones, allowing you to focus on research while continuing to deliver services and products that provide value to your customers. Services include technology upgrades, API configurations and code security and accessibility audits.

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Trial Insights
Optimize your company's digital platforms

Trial Insights collects and curates publicly available clinical trial data in real time and customizes it to fit your specific research needs, saving individual researchers and research organizations time and effort. The solution aggregates content from multiple public data sources, including—to provide users with comprehensive, customizable dashboard-based reports.

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