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SciPay™ enables suppliers to be paid quicker — in as little as 30 days — while improving invoice management. With increased working capital, suppliers can focus on developing new innovations and expanding their product lines. With real-time billing capabilities, suppliers can track when and how much they will be paid. Plus, invoices up to $25k are automatically approved, with fair, flexible terms on invoices over $25k.

  • Get approved invoices paid early
  • Optimize working capital without affecting lines of credit
  • Monitor invoices and payments in real time
  • Increase cash flow predictability and forecasting
  • Easy application and onboarding process
  • Auto approval on orders up to $25K
  • Lowered financial barriers for SMEs

Choose your payment terms

Pick what is best for you

Standard terms of NET30 with other options from 30-60 days. Inquire if faster terms are needed:

Days Paid In NET 30 NET 45 NET 60
SciPay™ Rate* 3.00% 2.00%

To enroll in our expedited payment program, please contact

Request a SciPay™ Agreement

*There is an additional foreign transaction fee of 0.75% for currencies other than USD.

Find out more about SciPay™

How do I get enrolled in SciPay™?

  1. Request a SciPay™ Agreement from
  2. Return the completed form to our team
  3. Submit your invoice
  4. Get paid FAST!

How quickly can a supplier get paid by using the Early Payment feature?

  • Suppliers can receive payment in as early as 30 days! We have many options based on the supplier’s needs.

What are the benefits to Suppliers joining the SciPay™ program?

  • Faster payments
  • Greater invoice transparency
  • Increased payment visibility
  • Improved accuracy of forecasting
  • Increased innovation
  • Easy-to-use platform