Company Culture

Philosophy, community involvement, and corporate social responsibility

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Our philosophy
Empower and connect scientists worldwide was created and still operates under the assumption that a group of like minded individuals with a common goal can change the world. In our case, we want to change the way medical R&D is being done by creating a world in which scientists are limited only by their imagination. With this vision statement as our roadmap, we are constantly looking for opportunities to support our local community and connect with the larger life science community. Below is our philosophy on company culture and corporate social responsibility as well as community involvement initiatives we’ve participated in over the years.

Company Culture

We believe in supporting all of our team members and creating a culture of diversity, acceptance and innovation. We have integrated DEI priorities and diversity training into every step of our hiring and onboarding process. We support each person’s right to express their unique identity and background while encouraging everyone within the company to share new ideas and original points of view. We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer and giving all individuals the opportunity for career growth through various feedback opportunities, internship and professional development programs.

Community Involvement

As a global company, our community truly has no borders, so when it comes to getting involved, we try to give equitably among the myriad of worthy causes.

This year, we offered our own NIL grant of $50,000 to be divided among 10 promising junior or senior undergraduate researchers ($5,000 each). Our team believes that supporting people in entering STEM fields is crucial to the future of innovative scientific research. We make it a point to mentor and support individuals that are early in their education and career. In the spirit of the NIL, we look forward to collaborating with the students that are chosen to receive the award so they can work as brand ambassadors for


Corporate Social Responsibility


Founded in beautiful Solana Beach California, our team has a deep sense of appreciation for the land, air, water and ocean that we get to appreciate each day. We try to run our office in an environmentally conscious way and provide resources to our employees so that they can take eco-friendly actions in their daily lives. We support local environmental groups and their efforts to create a better planet. These groups include the local Solana Beach Seaweeders and their butterfly Pollinator Garden. Globally, we adhere to local, national and international standards to lessen our carbon footprint.


With a strong sense of purpose and a high moral code, we expect nothing less than the best from our employees, from new hires to the leadership team. We empower every employee to act respectfully and demand they bring any issues to the attention of their line leader or human resources immediately. We recognized that we have a responsibility to support the lives and work of our employees, our clients and those in the larger biopharma community. Building strong and trustworthy relationships has been our compass when conducting business.


Since our company’s founding, all financial decisions have been grounded in our company mission to empower and connect scientists worldwide. We realized early on that despite being a trillion dollar industry, drug discovery is not the most efficient process, affecting millions of people adversely. With that in mind, and once we exhausted our own resources, we sought funding from individuals and investors who shared our grand vision to help cure all diseases by 2050. To date, we’ve raised over $39 million to help researchers carry out more innovative experiments in less time and at a lower cost.


Using the power of our words, actions and resources all come together to make the greatest impact on the issues that we care about. We participate in various types of philanthropic work each year. We donate company funds and match the donations of our employees to groups that support wildlife preservation, supplies for refugees, STEM education for students, childhood cancer research and more. If you know of any other events or causes that you think we could be involved in, please feel free to reach out at