Improved sourcing of regulated scientific services

Corner Bubbles

A first-of-its kind compliance platform
Built in collaboration with top 25 pharmaceutical companies and CROs

Our award-winning platform helps pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and academic labs source regulated services and materials from external third-parties.

Whether you're a researcher, a pharmaceutical procurement expert, or a service provider, COMPLi® can help you with your compliance and governance needs.

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COMPLi® minimizes risk through a comprehensive and proprietary due diligence process conducted on all providers of services and materials

COMPLi® also reduces the administrative burden on providers of regulated services, enabling efficient customer relationships that reduce costs and speed up scientific research.

Improves compliance and governance within multiple regulated service areas

Human Biospecimens

Source research with confidence, transparency and visibility

Value, Evidence, Access

Change the way decisions are made

Animal Welfare

Ensure animals in research are handled ethically and humanely


Expand visibility to compliant providers to speed up research