AI-Enabled Solutions

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Corner Bubbles

Generative AI and Machine Learning

Trained on years of data and billions in sales

Supplier ratings, prices, estimated turn-around times, change orders, completion history, and other historical performance factors were included in the training data set spanning 9 years of anonymized marketplace purchase data and $1.75B in research sales.

Generative AI

LLMs are used to enhance the user experience and scalability of the platform

Elisa Digital Research Assistant (now live!)

A proprietary LLM-powered conversational interface that understands the nuances of scientific research and has been trained on marketplace data.

Guided Negotiation

Helps marketplace users to negotiate with suppliers by generating custom tailored messages with contextual information.

Messaging Solutions

Assists users to respond quickly to messages they receive about marketplace requests and orders.

Universal (Contextual) Search

Searches for services, suppliers and products based on the meaning of a user query, rather than the words it contains.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Predictive models based on nearly a decade of proprietary marketplace data improve outsourcing outcomes

Tumor Model Finder

Analyzes genomic data on thousands of disease models, allowing users to find the most appropriate models for their cancer drug discovery projects.

Supplier Recommendations

Selection algorithm picks suppliers most likely to provide a competitive proposal based on capabilities and marketplace performance.

Forecasted Performance

Trained algorithm predicts project timelines 2x more accurately than supplier provided turn-around-times.

Service Recommendations

Targeted cross-selling services that are most likely to be needed based on customer purchase history.